Resources & Forms

Important Resources & Forms

General Program Advisory Committee Information and Forms:

September Program Development Meeting Information and Forms:

Authors / Presenters/Panelists

  • Copyright Forms (WM50-1A)
  • PowerPoint Template
  • Comprehensive List of Acronyms (WM89-2)

Oral/Poster PresenterĀ  Specific Information

  • Poster Preparation Instructions (WM46-2)
  • Oral Presentation & PowerPoint Guidelines (WM47-2)
  • Paper Preparation Instructions (WM48-2)
  • Paper Template
  • Abstract Submission Instructions


  • Abstract Review Instructions (WM15-2)
  • Paper Reviewer Instructions (WM40-2)
  • Online Paper Review Questions (WM49-2)

March Conference Information and Forms for Chairs:

  • Oral Session Co-Chair Guidelines (WM55-2)
  • Panel Session Co-Chair Guidelines (WM56-2)
  • Poster Session Guidelines (WM54E-2)
  • Poster Judging Forms (WM54A-2)