Roy G. Post Scholarships

ROY G. POST was the founding chief executive of WM Symposia, the sponsor of the annual international Waste Management Conference. The Foundation is a non-profit organization formed by his students, peers and protégés to provide scholarships to students to develop careers in the safe management of nuclear materials and to participate in the WM Conference. For more information about the Roy G. Post Foundation, visit

The Roy G. Post Foundation has awarded scholarships to more than 235 undergraduate and graduate students from all around the world. The recipients of the Post Foundation scholarships are a group of extremely accomplished and outstanding & driven students who excel both inside and outside of their academic role.

The Foundation has also provided over $4.7M educational support to students to attend the annual WM Conference.

The 2024 Roy G. Post Foundation Scholarship Application is now open! November 1, 2023 the deadline to submit your application, abstract and two reference forms/letters.

Congratulations to 2023 Roy G. Post Scholarship Recipients!

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