WM Symposia offers the Conference Proceedings publicly from 1975 – 2021 online without charge. To access the archives, please log in to your WM profile and click on the “Archived Proceedings” button located on your profile homepage. The Proceedings are searchable by keyword, paper title and session. Papers included are in Adobe Acrobat format and can be printed. The WM Proceedings contain presented oral papers and panelist PowerPoint slides shown in panel sessions at the conference. The papers published are picked up by the citation indices and abstract services of various professional societies extending the range of our outreach.

Proceedings files are available for the years: 2002 – 2020 at a cost of $115 US each. To order a copy, please email and specify the year or years of the proceedings that you would like to purchase as well as your mailing address. Payment is accepted by check, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

WM2022 Conference Proceedings

For registered attendees, WM2022 Conference Proceedings  will be available in July  by logging in to your profile page. The link for the proceedings will be on your profile homepage. The proceedings include all of the approved conference papers, posters, PowerPoint presentations and panel summary reports. A listing of Attendees and Sponsors, Exhibitor descriptions, the Final Program WM2023 schedule will also be included.