Award Winners

Each year, WM and its supporters recognize and present awards to several individuals based on their contributions in radioactive waste and radioactive material management. Below is the list of award winners that have been recognized at the Honors & Awards Session, held at the annual WM Symposia Conference.

Wendell D. Weart Lifetime Achievement Award – sponsored by Sandia National Laboratories
2023 Wendell D. Weart Lifetime Achievement Award recipient:

Professor Neil Chapman University of Sheffield, UK

Past Recipients


WM Symposia Fellow Award
2023 WM Symposia Fellow Award recipients:

Mark Frei
Frei Solutions


Sal Golub, US DOE, Office of Nuclear Energy

Past Recipients


Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Award
2023 Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Award recipient:

Frazier Bronson
Mirion Technologies

Past Recipients


WM/ASME Sarge Ozker Award
2023 WM/ASME Sarge Ozker Award recipient:

Paul Saunders
Suncoast Solutions

Past Recipients


WM Young Professional Award
2023 WM Young Professional Award recipient

Carwyn Chamberlain
DBD International

Past Recipients


Technical Prorgam Award Winners

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Best in Conference – Poster Presentation/Paper Award Winners
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