About WM


W M SYMPOSIA, INC. continues to be the premier non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and information exchange on global radioactive waste management.


By holding the annual Waste Management (WM) Symposia international conference for the management of radioactive waste and related topics, WM provides the premier open forum for discussing and seeking safe, environmentally responsible, technically sound and cost effective solutions to the management and disposition of radioactive wastes and the decommissioning of nuclear facilities to enhance the transparency and credibility of the global radioactive waste industry.


  1. We value Technical Excellence and Business Innovation, and WM provides a forum for independent and open exchange of information.
  2. We value International Participation to improve global management of radioactive wastes.
  3. We believe in Education and Mentoring to prepare the next generation of nuclear waste professionals with use of funds from the conference.
  4. We believe in Exceeding Customer Expectations by providing a relevant conference with good value by listening to their feedback.
  5. We believe in the value of Networking and provide a venue for face-to-face interactions and development of professional relationships.
  6. We value our Attendees, Exhibitors, Sponsors, Speakers and Volunteers as all are integral to the success of the WM Conference.
  7. We value diversity in all aspects of WM activities and offerings.
  8. We believe the WM Conference provides an excellent forum to ensure the Safe Management of Radioactive Wastes for current and future generations.