WM Board of Directors

Larry Camper
Advoco Professional Services, LLC

Bob Cochran
Westinghouse Government Services

Kristen Ellis
WMS/US DOE Liaison

Sandra Fairchild

Kapila Fernando
ANSTO, Australia

Cathy Hickey
Riemke Professional Solutions, Inc.

Wes Hines
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Linda Kobel
Los Alamos Technical Associates

John Longenecker
Longenecker & Associates, Inc.

John Mathieson
Consultant, UK

Greg Meyer
Fluor Group Mission Solutions

Craig Michaluk
AECL, Canada

Billy Morrison

Olaf Oldiges
Orano NCS GmbH, Germany

Susan Stiger
Bechtel NS&E

Kazuhiro Suzuki
TG Consulting Inc., Japan

Jennifer Uhle
Nuclear Energy Institute

Robert Weiler
Backward Spyglass LLC

Loong Yong
Spectra Tech, Inc.