Welcome to WMS STEM Resources!

We are excited to continue the momentum gained during the WM2021 STEM Zone and Panel Session by offering a webpage dedicated to STEM. WMS is devoted to fostering STEM K-12 engagement. To develop and maintain a pipeline that delivers our future workforce, we must work together to support STEM initiatives for younger students.  

Videos showcase virtual field trips, tours of national labs, WM2021 Panels, STEM Zone Q & A with WMS Managing Director and NASA Astronaut, plus much more. Industry Programs will share great education outreach success stories like Savannah River’s “STEMulating Conversations” that outline ways you can implement similar programs in your communities. The Projects page contains hands-on learning and demonstrations for K-12 students. Link and Resources shares more ways to support the next generation of industry leaders.

STEM has been added to Track 8 for WM2022 which now includes initiatives for STEM education, grades K-12, in recognition that the nuclear industry relies on STEM disciplines for sustainment and advancement.

If you are interested in presenting at WM2022, abstracts should be between 400 – 800 words and submitted before August 27, 2021. The abstract is required to have the following content:

  1. A descriptive title that reflects the paper and presentation content
  2. A summary of the study that includes the background of the problem, the methods used in the study, the results of the study and the conclusions
  3. A brief description of this study’s application/benefit to others should be addressed within the summary
  4. Contact information for all authors must include organization, mailing addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.
  5. A condensed summary that will be added to the WMS online program after the abstract is accepted.

STEM Sponsorships are available for WM2022 ranging from $500 – $5,000. Sponsors will receive recognition on this webpage and sponsor logo will be prominently displayed at the conference as a STEM Sponsor. Visit the WMS Sponsorship page for more information.

To submit content for the WMS STEM Resources, please email