COVID 19 – 2nd Update – March 24, 2020

Waste Management Symposia (WMS) has been informed that attendee #1 test results were also Negative. Both WM2020 attendees that reported COVID-19 symptoms tested Negative. We have not received notification of any other attendee being tested for COVID-19. It is now twelve days since our conference ended.

[table responsive=”yes”]
Attendee WMS Notification Test Results Expected
#1 Monday – 3/16 Negative – WMS Informed 3/24
# 2 Tuesday – 3/17 Negative – WMS Informed 3/23

If you are experiencing the symptoms associated with the coronavirus and particularly if you are confirmed as having COVID-19, please advise WMS at so we can update our notifications to public health officials and our other attendees. WMS will cease daily COVID-19 updates but will notify WM2020 conference attendees of any new developments.