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As one of the largest cities in the U.S., there are a variety of activities and attractions for visitors to do in Phoenix. We have gathered up the top things to do while you are visiting this vast and diverse city. From hiking to sporting events to museums galore, you’ll be sure to find an attraction that peaks your interest.

“Visit Phoenix”

Phoenix is built on a spirit of self-expression, curiosity, and adventure. It is a destination that defies the limits by embracing the bold and welcoming the new. Change and innovation are a way of life. Vibrance, appreciation, innovation, and inclusivity define its spirit. 

The Sonoran Desert sunshine illuminates the mosaic of human influences — those dating back thousands of years as well as the leaders of tomorrow — all of which contribute to an authentic and contemporary destination where indigenous and immigrated traditions are celebrated.

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Phoenix Deals features local restaurants and attractions. Deals are instantly delivered to your phone via text message or email and you can use them right then and there. Save money while still experiencing the city.

Faces & Places

Faces & Places is a storytelling series that celebrates some of the local treasures that Phoenix has to offer. From tastemakers to trailblazers, meet some of the individuals who are enriching the city with their flavors, traditions, culture, and creations.

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“Visit Phoenix”