PAC Information

Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Policies 

The WM Conference technical program is organized by 8 main categories of volunteer support:

1.     PAC Chair
2.     Track Co-Chairs
3.     Lead Organizers
4.     Additional Organizers
5.     Session Co-Chairs
6.     Paper Reviewers
7.     Abstract Reviewers
8.     Panel Reporters

These volunteers include both Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Members and PAC Supporters (non-PAC Members). PAC Members are active, long-term WM Symposia volunteers who have invested significant time and resources in support of the goals of WM Symposia. They have been nominated by the Track Co-Chairs and approved as Members. Active program development and participation is required for all PAC Members. IPAC Members/Supporters are volunteers who have a special interest in promoting WMS participation outside of the US. For a current list of all PAC Members, please refer to the PAC Listing (WM02) available on our Resources and Forms page.

To view the detailed information on the PAC and the above listed roles they provide please view our PAC Policy (WM01) found on the Resources & Forms page. We encourage participation in the PAC from members of industry – If you are interested in learning more or if you have additional questions about any of the above, contact Gary Benda, PAC Chair, at