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WM is devoted to fostering STEM K-12 engagement. To develop and maintain a pipeline that delivers our future workforce, we must work together to support STEM initiatives for younger students. Our nuclear industry relies on STEM disciplines for sustainment and advancement.

The videos (link below) showcase virtual field trips, tours of national labs, WM Panels, STEM Zone Q & A with the WM Managing Director and NASA Astronaut, plus much more. Industry Programs (link below) will share great educational outreach success stories like US DOE’s Savannah River’s “STEMulating Conversations” that outline ways you can implement similar programs in your communities. The Projects page (below) contains hands-on learning and demonstrations for K-12 students. Link and Resources (also below) shares more ways to support the next generation of industry leaders.

WM has added a new topic to our Technical Program Tracks dedicated to STEM. Track 10 will now discuss how workforce development is critical to the continued progress and transformation of the radioactive material/waste management industry. This track is dedicated to the education and promotion of the next generation of STEM professionals in the associated fields and industry that manage/handle radioactive material, D&D, clean-up and/or waste.

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