Rates and Information

WM2025 Rates & Information

Don’t Miss the Largest Exhibition in the Industry!

WM2025 will be the 51st annual Waste Management Conference. This is the premier
international conference concerning the safe and secure management of radioactive wastes arising
from nuclear operations, facility decommissioning, and environmental remediation, as well as storage, transportation and disposal, and associated activities. Don’t miss the opportunity to exchange ideas, technical information and solutions with 3,000 nuclear waste industry delegates from more than 30 countries

This conference is attended by decision makers, project managers and procurement specialists representing the government and private organizations undertaking the global tasks of radioactive waste management, decommissioning and site remediation. Exhibit at WM2025 to ensure you get in front of industry leaders.

Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with attendees as they participate in the activities taking place on the WM2025 Show Floor

• Networking
• Product Demonstrations
• Business Discussions centered around work stations
• Charging stations
• Student poster competition
• Evening Networking Receptions with food and drink

We look forward to helping you exhibit at the premier international conference for the management of radioactive material and related topics. Returning exhibitor reservations are now open. New exhibitor reservations are open! Visit the Exhibit Rates & Information page to reserve your booth today!

WM2025 booth rates are available here.

You can view the WM2025 Exhibit Hall Floor Plan here.  

Reach out to Jcadwell@wmsym.org to reserve your booth and receive an invoice for deposit payment after the Exhibitor Registration Portal is open (After July 1, 2024).

All booths over 200 Sq. Ft. are required to submit a booth design to show management. Email the booth design to: jcadwell@wmsym.org

Do you have a product to demonstrate at WM2025? WM2025 Exhibit Hall will feature a Demo Zone, Drone Zone and Technology & Innovation Zone to support this year’s theme, “Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and the Digital World: Transforming the Nuclear Industry”. Consider participating in the in one or all of the Zones to highlight your technology. Reach out to Jcadwell@wmsym.org for pricing and availability!

The WM2024 Exhibit Hall will be open the following hours: 

Sunday, March 9: 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Monday, March 10: 9:30am – 6:30pm
Tuesday, March 11: 9:30am – 6:30pm
Wednesday, March 12: 9:30am – 4:00pm 

WM offers different options to advertise at the conference, including on the mobile app, in the program and throughout the exhibit hall. Advertising submission deadline is December 31, 2024.

WM2025 Advertising Opportunities

Lead Retrieval

The attendee list will not be sent out for WM2025.  Exhibitors will need to invest in Lead Retrieval software for WM2025 in order to receive leads. the LeadR system will be available in the Exhibitor Portal

Terms & Conditions
WM Terms & Conditions and a current copy of your Certificate of Insurance are required as part of your participation in WM2025. These will be available on the Exhibitor Registration Portal for download, signature, and upload to the Portal for return. You will not be able to register with your included passes until these requirements are met.

Reservation is not complete until submitted.

Exhibitor Cancellation Policy
Exhibit dollars paid are refunded in full through December 31, 2024.

Phoenix Convention Center Policies and Procedures – This guide covers some of the most common fire, safety and security issues that you may encounter with your exhibit.

  • Booth furniture and carpet (required) are not included and must be ordered separately by the Exhibitor, the service kit will be emailed to Exhibitors in Late November.
  • Attendee registration(s) are included, based on booth size, and must be assigned to attendees via the Exhibitor Portal by December 31, 2024. Requirements to use the registrations apply
  • Booths include: (1) 500-watt power hookup or (2) if larger than a 10×10, an exhibitor identification sign, (1) waste basket, one-time vacuum prior to show opening and daily trash service.
  • Small Business Pavilion exhibit space is located within the Small Business Pavilion in the Expo Hall and are only available to qualified small businesses.
    • Qualifying criteria:**Small developing Businesses/Consultants qualified to the following WM set standards:
      1. $5M or less in annual revenue by the company’s FY (each year, not average as is the case with SBA)
      2. 25 employees or less (each year, not average)
      3. In business 5 years or less
      4. Not affiliated with a Medium or Large Business, Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), or other large association.
      Qualified Developing SBs in this category can return to the WM tabletop pavilion for as many years as desired until they exceed any one of the 4 above qualifying standards, whichever comes first. Includes: Floor space within pavilion, 6 ft table, 2 chairs, trash can, electricity – and 1 –“Exhibit Hall Only” registration. Inclusions subject to change
    • All booths over 200 Sq. Ft. are required to submit a booth design to show management. Email the booth design to: jcadwell@wmsym.org

The WM Symposia sponsorship program is an outstanding opportunity to showcase your company before thousands of radwaste management professionals! WM sponsorship offers five different sponsor levels, which are outlined in more detail in the following pages.  As the world’s largest annual conference on radioactive waste management, we hope you see the many benefits, and consider supporting us by becoming one of our valued sponsors.

WM continues to be the premier non-profit organization, dedicated to providing education and information on global radioactive waste management. Our sponsors are one of the reasons our mission has been such a great success, Thank You!

As you plan for WM2025, we hope that you will consider the many benefits of becoming a
sponsor to the world’s largest conference on radioactive waste management. With over 2,800
attendees and 175 exhibitors with participants from 30 countries, we can provide
great exposure for your company and the sharing of its capabilities.

WM Symposia sponsorship is an outstanding opportunity to showcase your company before thousands of waste management professionals and other exhibitors at the premier international conference for the management of radioactive waste. The WM sponsorship program offers five different levels and is outlined in more detail in our Sponsorship Opportunities Brochure.

You can view our WM2025 Sponsorship opportunities as this link:
2025 Sponsorship Opportunities

After you select the level of sponsorship you want to commit to and choose one of the opportunities listed under that contribution level, please email jcadwell@wmsym.org to reserve your selection. Upon your reservation of your selection, a 50% deposit is due to secure the opportunity and the final balance is due by January 13, 2025.

Sponsor Cancellation Policy
No refunds after sponsor commitment are made.

Check back for Demo Opportunities at WM2025

WM Symposia offers a variety of ways to make your brand more visible through advertising. WM2025 is expected to have over 2,800 attendees participating from 30 different countries. The breadth of this conference allows your marketing efforts to extend beyond borders, providing exposure to new markets. 

Advertising submission deadline is December 31, 2024.

WM2025 Advertising Opportunities

Please contact Jcadwell@wmsym.org with questions or to discuss in more detail.