Unauthorized Vendors

It has been brought to our attention that many of you are receiving emails and phone calls from third parties trying to sell you the WM attendee list, book you hotel rooms and offer other conference related services. Please know that WM Symposia does not sell our attendee/exhibitor lists for public distribution nor do we partner with these third parties trying to sell these lists.  All approved vendors and suppliers will be listed in the Exhibitor Service Manual or on our Travel & Housing page of our website at www.wmsym.org.

WMS does not partner with or endorse housing bureaus that are offering alternative hotel accommodations. For your own protection, please do not make reservations or provide personal information to any unknown housing or travel company such as National Travel Associates, Trade Show Planners or Expo Housing. Please note, WMS will not call you to make room reservations.

If you are unsure whether a vendor is an authorized company, or would like to report a suspected unauthorized company to add to the list below, please contact Maurya Palmer, Conference Manager at mpalmer@wmarizona.org.

Current List of Unauthorized Vendors/Companies:

National Travel Associates, Las Vegas, Nevada
Trade Show Planners
Expo Housing

Other email addresses reported:

Hazel Aurora         hazel.aurora@clientbusinessdata.com
Claudia Benson     cbenson@expolist.us
Kristi Brown           kristi.brown@etecbizleads.com
Nina Dobrev          nina.dobrev@bbbleads.com
Jason Finlay           jason.finlay@event-info.org
Amy Foster            leadset2@leadset.tech
Allison Grace         allison.grace@connectshowleads.com
Cindy Graves         cindy.graves@safeclicksolutionz.com
Sarah Hern             sarah.hern@delegatedatacenter.com
Katie Lehoullier      katie.lehoullier@targetbizsleads.com
Maria Lena             maria.lena@etecbizleads.com
Rose Merry            Rose.Merry@hybridprolist.com
Kate Parker            kate.parker@listanalyser.com
Jeremy Quinn        event3@venevent.tech
Jennifer Rose         jrose@marketingleads4u.com
Jennifer Sadler       jennifer.sadler@rtechbiz.com
Julia Schloss           julia.schloss@expoinsightusa.com
Sharon Smith         sharon@conferenceparticipant.com
Sarah Todd            sarah.todd@actmoc.com
Teresa Turner         teresa.turner@exhibitorscentre.com
Erin Wade              E.Wade@expoleadsshop.com
Crystal Watson       crystal.watson@etecbizleads.com
Fran Wilson            FranW.freshlistz@outlook.com
Sara James             expo4@visitororganise.com
Betty Blythe326      bettyblythe326@gmail.com
Julia Schloss           julia.schloss@expoinsightusa.com
Rebecca Ashu        rebecca63ashu@gmail.com