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WM2024: Marking 50 years: Proud of our Past, Poised for the Future

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Why Present?

The Waste Management Symposium produces the largest conference in the world focusing on nuclear waste management policies and practices.

  • Once your presentation is accepted, your work will be listed in our on-line program, our final printed program, our proceedings and archived with our other conference material
  • Tell your story to a targeted attendance of key industry leaders, your peers, as well as corporate managers and technical staffs involved in the nuclear field.
  • After being presented at the conference, your paper will be available in our on-line proceedings and accessible to those interested in your subject.
  • In addition to visibility amongst your peers, the conference offers many networking opportunities where you can discuss your ideas personally with the industry /government leaders and/or with the many diverse contractors who are in attendance. 
  • A condensed summary that will be added to the WMS online program after the abstract is accepted.

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Types of Presentations How to Submit an Abstract

Presentation Tracks for WM2024
Track 1 Crosscutting Policies and Programs (CPP)
Track 2 High-Level Radioactive Wastes (HLW), Spent Nuclear Fuel/Used Nuclear Fuel
(SNF/UNF) and Long-Lived Alpha/Transuranic Radioactive Waste (TRU) (HLW)
Track 3 Low-Level Waste (LLW), Intermediate Level Waste (ILW), Very Low-Level Waste
(VLLW), Mixed Waste (MW), By Product Material, TENORM, NORM Residues, Enriched
and Depleted Uranium (DU) (LLW)
Track 4 Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Waste Management and On-Site SNF/USF Storage (NPP)
Track 5 Packaging and Transportation (PAT)
Track 6 Decontamination & Decommissioning (D&D)
Track 7 Environmental Remediation (ER)
Track 8 Communications, Stakeholder & Indigenous Engagement & Workforce Mgmt (CS&TPD)
Track 9 Special Topics and Multi-Track Cross Cutting Technology (ST)
Track 10 Leveraging STEM for the Future (STEM)
Track 11 Advanced Nuclear Reactors for Electrical Power and Other Application (ANR)
Track 12 Miscellaneous: Unassigned & Late Abstracts, & Non-Paper Posters (MISC)