Waste Management Symposia Management Update

Phoenix, AZ. May 12, 2020

WMS Announces the Departure of Jan Carlin, Managing Director

Waste Management Symposia Inc (WMS), a Phoenix based non-profit, today announces the departure of Ms. Jan Carlin, Managing Director after over two-years’ service. Ms. Carlin wishes to concentrate on her consultancy business but will remain in an advisory capacity with the organization until September 30.

WMS appreciates the service that Ms. Carlin has provided and highlights the many achievements under her leadership, in particular with the successful March 2020 conference during this challenging period. Ms. Carlin joined WMS in September 2017 and extended her commitment beyond her originally intended two-year term.

Mr. Jim Gallagher, Chairman of WMS said “On behalf of all involved with WMS, I would like to express my appreciation to Jan for her tremendous contribution to the organization and wish her well in the future.”

A search committee for a new Managing Director (MD) has been appointed under the leadership of WMS President, Mr. Jim Fiore. Until a new MD has been appointed, Mr. Robert Weiler, currently a WMS Director, will fill the position on an interim basis.

Mr. Jim Fiore said “In these uncertain times we will have a challenging period up until the March 7-11, 2021 conference. We will need to appoint a person who can take up this challenge and ensure we have a successful 47th year of providing the premier global conference on radioactive waste management.”

For inquiries, please contact:

Mr. Jim Gallagher, Chairman, WMS, leojj@mindspring.com

Mr. Jim Fiore, President, WMS, fiorejames@msn.com