STEM at WM2023

Mind the Gap: STEM and our Future Workforce

WM2023 featured activities highlighting STEM throughout the conference week including interactive panels, a teacher workshop, a STEM Zone and much more that attendees participated in and supported.

STEM ZONE | This featured space in the exhibit hall showcased a wide variety of STEM resources to ignite attendee involvement. Success stories were on display featuring programs you and attendees can implement at your own workplaces, demonstrations from the Arizona Science Center and SARSEF (Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair) and other great resources available to students and educators. 2023 STEM Calendar showcasing drawings from students ages 9 and 10 from schools near Sellafield, Oak Ridge, Hanford, and Livermore as well as Ganado Middle School illustrating their answers to “What STEM Invention would you make?” and “How does STEM make you think differently about the world?” were available for pick up.

GLOBAL STEM INITIATIVE PANELS | WM2023 featured STEM Sessions that were held on Monday, February 26th. We discussed Global STEM Initiatives in three collaborative panels. Attendees heard from various perspectives of Government, Industry and Educators on topics such as how we can attract students to our industry, how the industry can support educators, important government STEM initiatives and much more.

STEM SCAVENGER HUNT | Exhibitors were invited to participate by offering STEM related giveaways at their booth. Attendees gathered the STEM items and curate a STEM Box to be given to disadvantaged schools in support of their STEM efforts.

Nurturing Curiosity, Stimulating Awareness, Creating Leaders – WMS is devoted to fostering STEM K-12 engagement to support future workforce needs. To develop and maintain a pipeline that delivers our future workforce, we must work together to support STEM initiatives for younger students.


Education Grant – Any contribution amount is welcomed! Help WMS support underserved communities to develop and maintain STEM programs critical for students to become interested in our field. In 2021 WMS awarded ~$40,000 to underserved schools near US DOE Sites to support, enhance and expand their STEM education programs.

STEM Zone – Showcase your company’s STEM efforts or programs! Suggested donations of $500 to $2,500.

STEM Discovery Kits – Help WMS deploy STEM kits containing necessary equipment for students to gain hands-on experience and learn important STEM concepts. Suggested donations of $500 to $2,500.

STEM Calendar – 9 and 10 year-old students near Sellafield, Oak Ridge, Hanford and Livermore will illustrate their answers to “How can STEM make the world better?” and “Who is your STEM hero?”. STEM Calendars are available to all attendees in the STEM Zone. For $500 your company is included on one month.


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