US Federal Employees

Are you a DOE Federal Employee and a potential WM2018 Attendee/Presenter/Panelists?  If so, your request to attend WM2018 has an iportal closure of October 26!

The Waste Management Symposium (WM2018), Event # 31533 in Phoenix has been updated in the DOE iportal Tool. This deadline for the CMT event Planning Lock Date is set for October 26, 2017. WM2018 remains a Non DOE/Contractor-Sponsored event with DOE–EM MA-90 holding package submission responsibility. DOE–EM MA-90 will adhere to the submission timeframes specified in the Revised Procedure – whereby package preparation will begin at the current Planning Lock Date of October 27. This is to take advantage of the WMS’s Early Conference Discounted Registration deadline set for December 31, 2017.

Since WM2018 is a non-DOE sponsored conference, DOE only needs to capture the Federal employees in the conference management tool. (Each DOE contracting company is responsible for tracking their own employees and associated costs in accordance with DOE policy).  Details are available at the DOE iportal.