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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Robotics Needs for the Future
Industrial robotics in the nuclear industry have come a long way since the early days of the Manhattan Project where cranes and remotely operated cameras and impact wrenches were in vogue. . . . More

Women of Waste Management Event
Empowered Leadership: Leading with Courage and Compassion

The nuclear industry is making the development of the next generation of leaders a top priority.  More than 260 Conference attendees (both men and women) gathered on Tuesday evening . . . More

Infrastructure Improvements and Aging Facilities
Aging infrastructure is a critical issue facing all legacy cleanup sites and the problem will only grow with time.  Infrastructure at nuclear sites around the world are 40-50 year or more old. . . . More

Executive Profile: John Longenecker
John Longenecker, president of Longenecker & Associates and a WMS board member, has been attending Waste Management for nearly three decades, watching the company he founded in 1990 grow alongside the conference. . . . More

Exhibit Hall a Huge Success!
Delegates to WM2018 were treated to an expanded exhibit hall this year that showcased traditional waste management service and materials but also featured, for the first time, a robotics pavilion. . . . More

Closing Topical Session on Used Nuclear Fuel
This year’s closing topical session will focus on the management of used nuclear fuel and whether the United States will re-engage and align with international efforts. . . . More

NRC to Hold Public Meeting
Following the conclusion of the WM2018 conference, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will once again host a public meeting on the agency’s low-level radioactive waste regulatory program. . . . More

Attention Speakers and Co-Chairs:
Make sure you are registered for the conference and take advantage of a chance to meet your colleagues.  . . . More

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