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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Robotic Decommissioning Technology Advances
New challenges facing the nuclear decommissioning business are driving new robotic technologies around the globe.  . . . More

US DOE WIPP Returns to TRU Waste Operations
Four speakers from the DOE Carlsbad Field Office provided updates on different aspects of the site activities at WIPP during Monday afternoon session 17. . . . More

Emerging Issues in Commercial US LLRW Management
On Monday afternoon, the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Forum (LLW Forum) presented a panel that focused on emerging issues in commercial low-level radioactive waste management in the United States . . . More

Waste Management at Los Alamos National Laboratory
A new integrated review tool is now in use at Los Alamos National Laboratory that automatically populates known environmental aspects and notifies all subject matter experts. . . . More

Fukushima - Decommissioning Update
One of the ongoing issues at the WM Symposia is the cleanup progress at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan that was destroyed by a massive tsunami wave in 2011 . . . More

Decision-Making in Large Cleanup Programs
With senior executives representing 10 different major projects, including operations in Canada and the United Kingdom, panelists shared their diverse experience . . . More

WM2018 Honours the Best
The WM2018 Honors and Awards luncheon paid tribute to men and women who have contributed mightily to the success of WM over its 44 years . . . More

Glasgow Scholarship Winners Announced Tuesday
The James A. Glasgow scholarships are intended to assist law students who demonstrate a meaningful interest in environmental law while studying at the University Of Arizona James E. Rogers College Of Law . . . More

Post Scholarships Recognizes Talent
The Roy Post Foundation scholarships are awarded in memory of Dr. Roy G. Post.  The scholarships and the Foundation carry on his vision of education in this field and honor the founder of the annual Waste Management conference.  . . . More

NRC to Hold Public Meeting
Following the conclusion of the WM2018 conference, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will once again host a public meeting on the agency’s low-level radioactive waste regulatory program.  . . . More

Attention Speakers and Co-Chairs:
Make sure you are registered for the conference and take advantage of a chance to meet your colleagues. . . . More

Visit Phoenix Concierge Booth
Visit Phoenix offers a concierge service to WMS attendees and their guests to assist with tour and dining reservations . . . More

Demo Zone
Make sure to leave time in your day to take advantage of the live demonstrations taking place on the show floor. . . . More

Exhibit Hall Open Daily
The action is in the lower level of the Phoenix Convention Center with 100,000 sq. ft. . . . More

Robotics Pavilion
WM2018 is excited to present The Robotics Pavilion showcasing the conference theme . . . More

Executive Profile

Sue Stiger
After nearly four decades in the field of nuclear energy, Susan Stiger currently guides project teams working for the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration and Office of Environmental Management as a Senior Project Manager with Bechtel NS&E. . . . More

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